What Do Investors Look For When Evaluating a Start-up?

Adapted from Product Hunt

When you’re building a start-up from the ground up, one of the first things you have to think about is whether you need seed funding. If you decide that’s the best (or necessary) route, then the question becomes: How do you win the attention of the right investors? There are just about as many answers to this question as there are angels and venture capitalists. Each investor looks for their own unique set of ingredientsRead More

Greetings and Welcome!

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are dynamic, driven, creative, and talented. You also recognise how challenging it can be to navigate the many obstacles to success. You soon realize that business is an unfamiliar world which brings you to a point where you question your entrepreneurial ideals and your confidence.

KBA Africa would like to leverage your energy in a supportive environment to propel your business forward. Entrepreneurs selected for our Bootcamp or incubation programme willRead More

6 Things No One Told You About Entrepreneurship

By Monica Eaton-Cardone

No one ever said that starting a business would be easy. However, even if you understand there will be challenges when you first start to develop entrepreneurial aspirations, you can’t be completely prepared for what lies ahead.

Before they reach success, everyRead More

10 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

By Roger Connors and Tom Smith
Accountability powers you toward your goals, and these guidelines for unleashing its power will get you over the rainbow to what you want.

They’re all valuable traits, but they pale in comparison to what each of us needs most in the quest to total life success: Personal accountability is No. 1.Read More


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