There is a rising entrepreneurial spirit across the African continent and different types and sizes of businesses, formal and informal are emerging from every corner. From the lady who sells eggs at the side of the road to the young man fixing cars in his garage; from the young musician trying to promote his music globally to the elderly lady selling woollen gloves from her home, the African entrepreneur is arising.

The definition of Entrepreneurship is as diverse as the different functions of the Entrepreneur. A largely held view of the term is that an Entrepreneur is a person who brings about a change and possesses characteristics to implement ideas that benefit themselves and the community. Entrepreneurship helps the society as well as the entrepreneur, him/ herself. The overall benefits of entrepreneurship can be divided into three distinct categories that include benefits to the nation, benefits to the community and the benefit to the individual.

In recent years there have been numerous discussions around how entrepreneurship is seen as the solution to Africa’s poverty and unemployment through job creation, skills development, community upliftment and overall economic growth. With job prospects in many African countries being slim to non-existent, many young people have no choice but to venture into the entrepreneurial world.

We are aware that the road then an entrepreneur must travel is a challenging one. As a result, KBA Africa has developed an effective Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) incubation and support programme to provide a helping hand to forward thinking small businesses. Entrepreneur support offers small business owners a better chance at success. The success can be in the form of mentorship, access to funding, access to market opportunities, and entrepreneurship development resources.

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