7 Brutal Truths Every Budding Entrepreneur Needs to Know

By Vartika Kashyap

Everything you do between your younger self and when you are of age is always the cause of success, failure or mediocrity. But what people forget is that nothing is permanent and you can always transition yourself across these stages.

For those who reach the top a constant struggle is always necessary to remain there, as wind blows strongest when you are on the peak.

When I started my journey from ground below I never knew the hard facts of being an entrepreneur. It took me some time to digest that you can never climb a mountain alone, you need a group of dedicated people who are ready to brave the gravest storms, you need experienced guides who know a way to the top, but most importantly if you begin your journey then there is no coming back.

These were the first few truths that I had to face. So, I geared up on solving the first part of the problem i.e. to build a great team. I thought of team building as raising my own kids. And every parent knows that raising kids is the hardest job that they can undertake. Problems seem surmounting and questions seem endless like:

How to make them listen to you??

How to make them like things that they hate??

How to make them understand things that took me years to understand??

These questions were the first piece of puzzle that I needed to solve if I were to make anything of my startup. As I tried to deal with them I realized more and more truths about being an entrepreneur. Today, I have summarized some of the most important ones for you:

Some Questions Will Not Have Answers

Sometimes it will be difficult for you to know the answers to all your problems. You will realize with time that you were all wrong in even beginning to look for one. And all your efforts have made you to gravitate on facts that were hard to accept initially.

But this moment of realization is not to be seen as something bad. It is something to be thought of as taking a step in the right direction. The direction you were reluctant to go the first time you encountered problems.

Entrepreneurship Will Be Hard on Relationships

You will see that only relationship you will have will be with your vision and idea. Successful entrepreneurs don’t attach themselves to people (in a sense of investing an effort to build a relationship) as much as they do to knowledge, ideas, thought process and ethics.

But they do attach themselves to their team and it is that one human relationship that they put all their energies to. Getting yourself detached from relationships should only be taken as a step forward. Think of it as running a marathon with less weight on shoulders and least distractions on your path.

You Will Worry About Your Competitors

There will always be people who will be working on a similar type of idea as you are. And no matter what you do it will be hard for you to get your eye off of them. Knowing what they do best is not a bad thing at all, the bad thing would be worrying about it too much.

In such cases my advice would be not to dwell too much in emulating what they do, and to develop your own way to success. But remember, never to leave a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Success & Failure Will Impact How People Deal With You

If you are doing good, people will want to be your friend and work for you, opposite if you are failing. There will also be moments when your celebration will be the cause of jealousy someplace else.

You will need to know that it is a part of game and there is no way to escape. The only thing that you can do is to take a higher road. And remember that there will always be someone who will believe in your struggles and your vision. Be at peace with yourself and try to look at the brighter side of things. Always envision a better future.

Measurement of Growth Will Change

There’s never a thing like instant success. You will have to wait to measure your growth, may be a month, six months or even a year.

There will be days when your work will produce no results. This will be the time you will have to know that growth is not always measured with success. It is also measured by the number of times you took a fall and rose back to fight again.

No Appreciation For Hard Work, Only For Success

No one will care how much time you spent brainstorming last night. Or how many days you had sleep just for a couple of hours, before you became successful. And, why should they?

They will never be able to appreciate your struggle as it will be hard for people to believe that you will be successful one day. Only those who know true you will give you a push of inspiration to keep carrying on.

There Will Always Be Something That You Will Miss

A feeling of accomplishment will be very hard to get. You will see with time that you will always be chasing multiple things at the same time and you will never be able to give your best shot to each one of them.

At that time you will have to trust your instincts more than what the situation demands otherwise. And this instinct development will take time and effort.

Finally, as I said there is no going back once you have stepped on the ladder and you have to work with this mentality and attitude. Say to yourself all those things that you want to achieve everyday.

Always be wary of the fact that your struggles are a part of a bigger game. Make a plan everyday and no matter what you do stick to it. Create a list of things that you want to improve in yourself and work on them. Tackle your fears by putting yourself in difficult situations. And most importantly keep reminding yourself that you have keep this loop on repeat.