People are using the word “agile” more and more during these years. What does it mean exactly?

Agility is the ability to act quickly and with economy of effort in accurate response to change and also to initiate change for business advantage, says Paul Allen.

But if we translate this sentence into an ordinary language, agility represents the ability to respond fast to unexpected situations, and to keep your mind open to new things. Moreover, it would practically mean that all entrepreneurs should be agile in order for their business to succeed.

How do you become an agile entrepreneur?

Improve your reflexes

In order to bring better decisions and learn more about yourself and improve your agility, you should work on bettering your reflexes. It is all about practice. If you make a plan and make a habit out of this, your physical reflexes are going to be better, but it will impact your state of mind as well. When an unexpected situation comes up, you will be the first to react fast and probably avoid more serious issues.

Directive vs. facilitative leadership

Directive leadership is an instructional type of leading, characterized by a leader who tells subordinate staff what they are expected to do and how to perform the expected tasks. It is usually the most common leadership style, but that doesn’t mean that it is good. In order to become an agile entrepreneur, you should learn to combine directive leadership with facilitative leadership. It is a co-creative leadership model asserting that leaders should effectively facilitate deep collaboration. There is still a certain hierarchy in this system, but they are not so rigid. An agile entrepreneur manages to maintain the two types of leading in order for his co-workers to be satisfied and remain passionate about the work being done.

Adaptive or shaping?

Do entrepreneurs have adaptive or shaping nature towards the world?

We have previously written about entrepreneur’s adaptability. We have written about how every successful entrepreneur has to adapt to their audience’s wishes and desires. A young entrepreneur has to adapt to the situation in the outside world, but also shape the world according to his thoughts. In order to become agile, you should work on your imagination. You should be prepared to alter the industry/market, but also to sense the change in your target group and be able to respond quickly to that.