“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

~Sir John Whitmore

How do professionals get better at what they do?

How do professionals become great?

The pedagogical view is that a person studies, graduates, goes out into the world and should be skilled enough to become proficient in what they studied. In our minds, a professional should be someone capable of managing their own career and personal growth. People in specific professions like doctors, lawyers, scientists and musicians are expected to constantly improve their skills and techniques with time and trends, and we assume that it is their own responsibility. The reality is not so, in this age of technology, we sometimes wish skilled professionals would try a more modern approach.

This is very different from the world of athletes and sports people. Sports people believe that you have the ability to consistently improve with the help of a coach. For the skilled professional, this concept seems absurd! Surely, if you are naturally talented in sports you don’t need help? We think that possessing a skill or expertise means not needing to be coached.

But what normally happens is that once we learn a new skill, or gain a certain level of expertise, we show steady upward improvement, which levels out after a while. We all get to a place where we become stagnant after a while.  This is when coaching can be very effective. Coaching allows a different level of awareness- it allows for the perspective of someone who sees things from the outside, a spectator view. Coaching offers eyes and ears which can provide an external view of your reality. We are not ‘all-seeing’ or ‘all-knowing’ beings, and we know that we have blind spots. How can we get an insight into our blind spots in our ongoing quest for improvement?

A coach is the best option. Even the best professionals need an independent view! Whether we are stuck as professionals, as business people, managers and leaders, a coach is a viable option. For those of us who want to go from good to great, or even great to greater, consider a coach! Coaching allows us the opportunity for personal and business growth in a non-threatening environment. It’s not an easy process! It requires introspection, reflection and deep soul searching, which can be uncomfortable. But it allows us to get out of our own way and become the best possible version of ourselves that we can be! So, take the step towards being your best self. Find a coach! Sequor Consulting has a database of skilled coaches to match your every need. Contact us on info@sequor.biz for an initial assessment, and to be matched to the right coach.