If you really want to be successful in your business there are two essential traits that you must embody: Consistency and Persistence.

The problem with overnight successes that we see on TV and read about in the newspapers, is that they are so rare! That’s why we hear about them. And truth be told, it’s never normally overnight. So many celebrities and people of note have quoted that it often took them 10 or 20 years to become an “overnight” success.

Don’t kid yourself.

Success comes through constant persistent action. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

The problem is that many people start something, take some action and then become disheartened because they don’t see the fruits of their labour quick enough.

So they give up.

Never realising how close they may be, or just how much work is needed. Time after time.

I am also in a situation of building and striving – and my ego side wants to see bigger and better results – and quicker.

But I constantly remind myself of the moso bamboo tree when looking at my life, career and ambitions.

The moso bamboo tree doesn’t just become this super strong bamboo overnight – well it kind of does as you’ll read about soon.

Bamboo is so strong that it’s used as scaffolding in Asian countries.

How the moso bamboo grows is phenomenal.

You plant the seeds. Water it every day and then after the first year of watering it – every day – NOTHING HAPPENS.

So, you water it the following year – every day– and again – NOTHING HAPPENS.

Year 3, same thing. Water every day and nothing happens.

Year 4 – the same.


In year 5 – around the 1825th day, it starts to sprout. And it doesn’t just start to sprout. It really starts to sprout.

It grows about 3 feet in every 24 hours. After 6 weeks it grows to 90 feet tall – the same as a 9 story building!

The growth and success of the bamboo comes so quick that it literally looks like it’s grown overnight. In fact, there are no signs of anything growing for over 4 years. Just a patch of ground. And then the success comes – seemingly overnight.

Why can it grow so tall and fast like that in a matter of weeks?

The roots.

It’s the roots that create the fruits – as they say. Strong foundations.

People don’t see that. All the hours and hours of practise and effort that goes in behind the scenes.

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb after his first try. No, the story goes that he actually failed 1,000 times. Yet he persisted until he got it right. When it comes to innovation in your company, how quickly do you give up in coming up with something new? When you have a vision for what you want to bring to market, don’t give up. Steve Jobs was like this and you know where it took him in terms of business success.

Staying power is your willingness to not give up despite difficult circumstances. If you want to be more successful than you are now, take a close look at how you’re using consistency and persistence in all facets of your business. Chances are you can apply more and gain more.