We are pleased to announce that the  KBA Africa Entrepreneur for the month for March 2017 is Dreams Factory, a strategic coaching service based in Harare, Zimbabwe whose mantra is Dream Outrageously. Dreams Factory was started by Evance Masau, a dynamic and multi-talented entrepreneur.

Dreams Factory provides strategic coaching and individual personal and professional development for small business owners, entrepreneurs, groups and individuals. Core services offered:

Strategic Planning: From time to time, organisations and other groups develop medium to long term strategy for their organisations. Dreams Factory will provide a step by step guide in developing the plan. Each Strategic Planning client automatically qualifies for a one year after workshop coaching at 50{6de6520bac878567fcd0b20f0dbb3c7620581fba1ef76900ed00d745ae853531} discount, to help with implementation. The most successful people have superior implementation ability, not just superior plans.

Public Speaking class: Aims at helping individuals polish their speaking and presentation skills.

Entrepreneurs’ hub: Provides a learning environment for entrepreneurs with value driven programs.

Tweens Mentorship Program: A six month mentorship program for the 10 – 12 year age group, premised on the belief that ‘leaders are developed’. It aims to develop success habits and leaderships skills in the pre-teen age group. Fort-nightly workshops.

Individual coaching: Tailored ongoing reinforcement to support attainment of one’s goals and deal with disruptions.

Group workshops: Tailored to meet different group needs such as communication, leadership, team building. Targeted groups include, but not limited to, church groups, sports teams, community based organisations and small companies.


School Drop-outs program: This is a comprehensive career counselling service targeting High School drop outs (those who did not complete O’ level, and those who did complete O’ and/or A’ level but are considered to have failed). The program will help individuals identify opportunities for employment and job creation.

Special Projects Partnerships: This aims at individuals or small businesses who take up a new project beyond their capacity. It covers strategic business planning and implementation, marketing plans and implementation, leadership development and people management.