The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is crucial to Africa’s growth, currently contributing more than 45{6de6520bac878567fcd0b20f0dbb3c7620581fba1ef76900ed00d745ae853531} to employment and 33{6de6520bac878567fcd0b20f0dbb3c7620581fba1ef76900ed00d745ae853531} to GDP (source: ADB). However, SMME’s in Africa face growth, viability and sustainability challenges. Despite Mozambique’s commitment to growing and supporting their country’s SMMEs, these firms continue to face an extremely hostile business environment, including lack of skilled staff, burdensome regulations, tough local economic conditions, lack of finance and the high costs associated with expansion, marketing or employing staff.

KBA Africa has experience at delivering SMME capacity building Bootcamps and have now partnered with Maputo based HR Diversity & Advisory Services to expand our services to Mozambique. They have an ambitious goal of capacitating at least 100 Mozambican SMME businesses in the next six months. This partnership will seek to provide comprehensive Business Capacity Building Bootcamp from the 20-21 July, 2017, and ongoing mentorship as a tool for SME development and enhancement in Mozambique. This will enable the establishment of new enterprises, allow access to new markets, create new jobs, and the development of innovative ideas and technologies.

One of the key Bootcamp sponsors is Mozambique’s University of Entrepreneurship, Instituto Superior de Gestão e Empreendorismo-Gwaza Muthini, Maputo – Marracuene, who will participate in and provide the venue for this prestigious event. KBA Africa and HR Diversity & Advisory Services have confirmed the attendance of government officials and key industry leaders to participate in this event.

Certificates of attendance will be provided for all participants.

If you’re in business and are in Maputo, you can’t afford to miss this exciting workshop.

Email: for a full entry pack.