“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

~Sir John Whitmore

You are an entrepreneur.

A dreamer…. A doer… A go getter!

You have started something, and seen it grow. At times our business grows to unexpectedly unbelievable levels. For some of us, growth is in frustratingly short spurts. What do you do? How do you ensure growth is steady and consistent, and that you can acquire new business and new clients on a regular basis? As much as we all wish that we could all become overnight successes, the reality is different.

Our small businesses require consistency, commitment and resilience. And sometimes we need a little help. This where a coach or mentor can be most effective. Coaching is meant for the entrepreneur who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business. It is a coach’s role to focus on where the entrepreneur’s business is currently; evaluate what’s working and what’s not; determine goals; and create an action plan.

The coach provides the outside in perspective. They take an unemotional view and effectively assess our business, and give us feedback. As entrepreneurs, we become emotionally attached to our business ideas, and that could deprive us of certain growth opportunities. Take the next step in your business, bring in a coach. Adge Africa in conjunction with Sequor Consulting have a database of skilled coaches to match your every need. Contact us on info@adgeafrica.com or info@sequor.biz for an assessment.

A business coach is someone who can help you survive the challenging times and keep you on track. A lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses blindly and try to learn as they go along.

However, if you want to leverage your success and not waste precious time and money, you need to think smart. Many entrepreneurs, including myself, attribute their success to the help of a business coach.