As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are dynamic, driven, creative, and talented. You also recognise how challenging it can be to navigate the many obstacles to success. You soon realize that business is an unfamiliar world which brings you to a point where you question your entrepreneurial ideals and your confidence.

KBA Africa would like to leverage your energy in a supportive environment to propel your business forward. Entrepreneurs selected for our Bootcamp or incubation programme will not only be successful, but feel more confident in their venture.

Introduction to KBA Africa

KBA Africa is an African Business Incubation organisation specialising in accelerating the growth and increasing the success rate of start-up and early stage Small and Medium Enterprises. The KBA Africa Business incubator programme helps develop and support current and new entrepreneurs to start-up businesses and equip them for survival, longevity and growth as sustainable businesses. The business incubator target group includes small entrepreneurs that want to grow, new businesses and those who would like to develop their ideas and commercialise them.

Your business

KBA Africa would like to know more about your business and understand how you think an entrepreneurial BootCamp can enhance your business. Please send a half page summary of your business and a brief motivation on what you think you need to take your business to the next level. Send an email to or to