Youth entrepreneurship gives young people the opportunity to chart their own destinies. Even if they don’t start a business, youth involved in entrepreneurship programs gain skills and become more innovative and effective employees and managers.

KBA Africa’s Youth Start Right Programme is an innovative and inspirational youth skills and entrepreneurship development initiative that aims to positively impact young people’s future academic, social, entrepreneurial and career paths. The programme’s vision is the transformation of the next generation of young people through the implementation of youth development interventions that seek to address challenges that young people face.

Formal qualifications do not always help young people when it comes to solving problems, rising to challenges, assessing opportunities or taking risks. Even managing a small project can be a real achievement for someone who has never before faced such a challenge. Entrepreneurial learning for young people is hugely beneficial, in addition to finding out how to start a business, they acquire practical skills and positive attitudes: greater awareness of society, a sharpened appetite for active engagement, new competences and confidence to play a part.

Most young people find the world of work daunting and they do not know what profession to choose.

There is need to introduce young people from an early age to the idea of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not a profession but a way of thinking. Some of the essential elements of an entrepreneurial mind-set are the aspects of curiosity, perseverance, expression, and experimentation. Each of these behaviours and skills can be inculcated very early on in a young person’s education and upbringing. It doesn’t matter if they belong to a business family or their parents are employed, such skills are always handy.

KBA’s Youth Start Right supplements the work of education and aims to ensure that high school leavers and graduates are employable, appreciate entrepreneurship as a life skill and an alternative career as well as help them deal with life challenges within society.

Through this program, Team KBA Africa seeks to impart leadership and life skills for success, and develop the entrepreneurial spirit amongst out of school youth by upskilling and preparing them for the future.

KBA’s Youth Start Right will be held in Harare, from the 23rd to the 26th February, 2017. Contact or for more information.