Our KBA Africa Entrepreneur for the month of June is Daryl Ndoro. Daryl Ndoro a serial entrepreneur with a vision and is not afraid to take chances toward the attainment of his goals. Daryl is an entrepreneur with a difference as he has a heart for society and endeavours to ensure that all his engagements have a way of improving society in the long run.

Daryl started his entrepreneurial journey at age 15 and has come a long way since. Below is a timeline of the journey of this month’s entrepreneur:






When asked about his journey Daryl said, “It’s never easy running a business, it begins as a grand plan and seems like from the onset it will be angels in paradise, but once the rubber hits the tar reality sets in and perseverance and determination become your lifeline. I remember how devastated I was when my first business failed, but I took some time to reflect upon it and saw the lessons I learned off of the experience and got back on my twos and tried again…, and again, and the exciting thing is with each step an entrepreneur takes on their journey, it is not only a step toward your goal, but it’s an opportunity to discover more about yourself and learn; as all this happens, you grow and with growth you become better and better and the journey becomes perfect regardless of the tears and joys. The greatest lesson I learned is the power of positive partnerships and serving your client base through the concept of servant leadership”

Daryl’s community-centric stance was strengthened the day he joined Enactus, he says it developed him into being a greater individual with a heart for the world. He represented Zimbabwe at the 2011 Enactus World Cup and their team propelled Zimbabwe to being honoured with the second place trophy.

The Domino Effect

THE DOMINO effect is a Strategic Business and Marketing Consulting Firm with experience in branding organisations, places, people and countries. Daryl is the Finance Director at this firm and their recent work has included branding/rebranding and strategic marketing for organisations such as ProHealth, Narayana Health Group of Hospitals (India); Rwanda – the country; Women of Africa (UN Women/AU project); besides other initiatives. The firm, together with ZimTrade, is currently involved in a project to rebrand Zimbabwe and together with an international team, is at an advanced stage in a bid to rebrand destinations in Zambia.

Daryl with H.E President R. G. Mugabe during an interview for the African Women Documentary filmed by THE DOMINO effect.

Darbert Consultancy

Darbert Consultancy is currently a revolutionary accounting, audit and taxation services and business development firm where Daryl is the co-founder and Operations Director.  Their national practices serve small to medium scale organizations, our approach is to introduce globally accepted reporting systems within client firms then offer business development services to take their business to the next tier and beyond.

Darbert Consultancy currently has its footprint set in Harare and Gweru with offices set up in each respective city. Our offices are the think-tank and data computation sites with clients that are strong, locally managed with a thorough understanding of national laws, customs and procedures as a result of our intervention.

The principle of a single client service partner responsible for a carefully selected multi-expert team applies throughout our firm.  Partners in all offices have the delegated authority of the firm’s management to command and direct whatever resources are required to provide first class services to their clients.