Incubation development


Portfolio of Services


Business Support resources and services:

  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Company licensing and registration, including obtaining all investment approvals,
  • Secretarial services,
  • Drafting Initial Business Plan,
  • Financial Services,
  • Accounting services,
  • Financial Advisory services,
  • Branding and Marketing Activities,
  • Arranging funding sources, negotiating terms and closing transactions,
  • Financial and cash flow management,
  • ICT services.

Entrepreneur Training

Structured mentorship and training programmes per participant country.

Value Proposition

The KBA Africa Business Incubation Programme seeks to provide entrepreneurs with pro-active value-added support, and access to markets, access to critical tools, information, training, resources and capital that might otherwise be inaccessible or unknown.

Included in our repertoire are a number of innovative approaches, inter alia;

  1. A targeted incubation selection algorithm and an advanced Trade Exchange Network (TEN);
  2. Access to sustained growth phase capital;
  3. The deployment of a bespoke Supervisory Board for SMEs.

Business Idea evaluation

  1. Business Idea
  2. Turned into Business Plan
  3. Business starts operating in local area/market
  4. Assist business grow from local to national and then expand internationally

Business Awards

With our objective of developing and promoting entrepreneurship, KBA Africa runs an Entrepreneurial Award programme which incentivizes up and coming business entrepreneurs to succeed.

We have the following awards that are held annually during the month of November:

  • KBA Business Person of the Year
  • KBA Exporter of the Year
  • KBA New Business Person of the Year
  • KBA Employer of the Year

We run these awards in each territory we operate in and the winners in each territory, will participate in the KBA Pan African Awards to be held in a chosen African country.


Adge Africa is an African Business Incubation organisation specializing in accelerating the growth and increasing the success rate of start-up and early stage Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Adge Africa Business incubator programme helps develop and support current and new entrepreneurs to start-up businesses and equip them for survival, longevity and growth as sustainable businesses....

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  • +2782 818 5344

Adge Africa t/a BUA Technocomms (Pty) Ltd
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