Doing something entrepreneurial, doesn’t necessarily make one an entrepreneur. In my opinion, true entrepreneurship is a lifestyle powered by passion, creativity, purpose, instinct, courage, a charismatic confidence to go along with a never give up attitude.

All of the above are typically inborn traits engrained in the entrepreneur’s DNA and extremely hard, if not impossible to teach.

However, even with all of the aforementioned traits in place, it is still not enough to achieve and win when chasing an ambition.  Achieving success in just about everything we do, requires a daily regimen of “rules to live-by” to attain the foundation and mind-set that typically precedes success.

These daily rules, must become the “creed” and not just a mantra for those seeking true success. Especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. After all the mission of getting a new business launched must become a purpose even greater than one’s self for both to be successful.

Here is my “Creed to Succeed”

  • Losers will always make excuses; Winners will always make time.
  • Know when to give in, but learn NEVER to give up.
  • Lapses in judgment are human and mostly forgivable, however there is simply no such thing as a lapse of integrity.
  • Intelligent people always fight fire with water, never with fire. Only a loser that allowed their emotions to cloud their reasoning would do that.
  • Be equally passionate about understanding others, as wanting yourself to be understood.
  • Winners are interesting and articulate storytellers. However, in order to be interesting, you must first be genuinely interested in your audience.
  • Know that time while may heal all wounds, it will kill all deals. Be expeditious, passionate and determined to finish what you start.
  • Possess a childlike curiosity go along with an intellectual humility*
  • Know what you don’t know, and always be open minded enough to understand that you can learn something from EVERYONE you meet.
  • Have high expectations of others, but even higher expectations for yourself.
  • Compromise to cooperate, but never at the expense of your principals or your partners.
  • Be understated with a grasp that extends your reach. The world has too many overstated people with reaches that extends past their grasp.
  • Always be optimistic and genuinely excite about the future of others.
  • Demand the highest in quality from your partners. Always choose “character” over “characters”.
  • Express genuine benevolence, compassion and understanding.

Adding the above “rules of engagement” to your lifestyle will make you a better person and an inspirational leader at the very least. When added to the inborn traits of the true entrepreneur, it greatly increases the odds of finding and sustaining business success by achieving what I believe is the most important skill to attain in life –  “Intellectual Humility”.  It is a common thread that you’ll find in all winners and respected leaders.

With all thy getting, get Intellectual Humility!

What is my definition of Intellectual Humility? Being intelligent enough to understand the importance of knowing what you don’t know is just as important as knowing what you do know; being understated in a way that your reach never extends beyond your grasp; possessing a mind so open and curious, that you genuinely strive to learn something every day, from every one that you encounter; being passionately interested in others, knowing that makes you more interesting to others.