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KBA Africa- Zimbabwe Youth Entrepreneurship Survey

KBA Africa undertook a survey of its Zimbabwean entrepreneurs in October and November, 2016. The objective of this survey was to provide an understanding of who the entrepreneurs are, where they can be found, what businesses they are in, why they are in business and how they manage to survive.

This survey focuses on assessing dimensions needed for business success, including;

• Sectors represented
• Challenges
• Funding options
• Growth
• Marketing and sales
• Support

The sample size comprised of 80 respondents from the 250 countrywide entrepreneurs KBA Africa has in its Zimbabwean database. Despite the size of the sample size, the KBA Africa team believes that the results are an indication of countrywide youth entrepreneurship trends.
KBA Africa intends that these survey results will serve as a guide to government, industry and youth development agencies and allow for more aligned support to the Zimbabwean entrepreneurial eco-system.

Find Survey Results

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